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Create your own web videos – Part Three – Script Formulas

by Miyagi007 • August 19, 2014

There is no “one way” to write a script but this formula works great for a start for a basic video.

Create your own web videos – Part Two – Length and Scripts

by Miyagi007 • August 1, 2014

Create your own corporate web videos part two – Scripts and Length You will hear a lot of advice about script lengths. And conflicting advice can be accurate. There is no rule. Basically, a script is as long as it needs to be. That being said most people use 10 words when 3 will do. […]

Create your own web videos – Part One

by Miyagi007 • July 10, 2014

We love video. We love it so much that if VideoLabOnline can’t do it for you….then let us give you great advice so you create exceptional video yourself.