Video is a very important part of your marketing.

Everyone knows video is powerful but people still ignore it. Perhaps they do not fully understand how powerful it is. Everyone knows that Google is the #1 search engine in the world but most people do not know that YOUTUBE is the second largest search engine in the world!

Why is this? Because people are visual creatures. There are so many cues and perceptions encoded in video. There is a secret language that we all speak and understand on a subconscious level. So when we are watching a video, yes we are trying to learn or validate certain things…but our subconscious mind is looking to TRUST the person or business in question.  That is the most important thing.

I never really communicate this to my clients on this extreme, but I have often thought that is almost (really almost) doesn’t matter what a video is about….it is about the genuine nature of the person speaking for the business. Even if you are not that great on camera…showing the world who you are really is what people are looking for the most.

We all worry about not being perfect, stumbling on our words, and saying the wrong thing. Sure, a very small percentage of people who will worry about that stuff. But the vast majority of people actually WANT you to have flaws. They want you to be real. They want you to be imperfect…like them.

To use a phrase from Star Wars….”Search your feelings” and you know this to be true. When something is too perfect…we simply do not trust it because we know it is not the natural order of the universe. Let’s relate that to a practical thing that we all encounter.

We have all had those servers at a restaurant that are over positive and super friendly and have that high tone in their voice….and none of us really buy into it….and most of us feel a bit annoyed.

Simply, we do not trust them. We know it is a show. But when we have had GENUINE customer service….we know the difference.

So when you are in your videos, being you, you are sending a powerful message. You are letting them know that you, like them, are imperfect. But you are also the best cheerleader for your brand. You have passion and have invested blood, sweat, and tears into your business and that comes through. It really does.

So, don’t be nervous, don’t worry too much. In 10 years of making videos for people I have only encountered ONE person who was absolutely horrible on camera and her “robot like” delivery was actually pretty charming.

If you absolutely refuse to be on camera. Perhaps someone at your company has that special something. If not, we have very warm and genuine actors that we can hire for you….but, really, you are the best. But you already knew that didn’t you 🙂