There is no “one way” to write a script but this formula works great for a start for a basic video.

So we figured out and brainstormed the content of the video. Now it is time to write it

I use this basic formula with most of the scripts I write. Feel free to make it your own but if you have no idea, it is a great place to start.

1) QUESTION OR SHOCK THEM. Start with a question or an interesting or compelling phrase.

Like I mentioned in the previous post you want to start with something to draw them in. So asking a question wakes up their mind and engages…it is not passive…… because you made it active. Humans tend to want to want to solve problems and answer questions. So by asking the question it is much more likely to elicit a response.

An example from my own introductory video is “Do you have video on your website?” that is not that compelling of a question but the next line “because if you do not you are losing customers, Google ranking, and market share”. Even though my first question is admittedly not that compelling, I am using it to lead into the next sentence and apply a bit of pressure. This makes them think and then think some more. Essentially I was trying to make them aware of a problem that they may or may not know that is a problem.

Here is a few other examples to illustrate the point. First a question…

For a realty company “Do you want to sell your home faster and for more money?

Now just a statement….then a question.

For a carpet cleaning company “Did you know that the average area of carpet has more germs than a toilet seat?

Now take those two examples and compare them to your average realty site “Customer service is Number 1 with us” or your average Carpet cleaning service “We clean with care”. See the difference….BORING and mediocre.  People see millions of ads in a week. you have to rise above average.

HOMEWORK ASSIGNMENT: For the next week I want you to find 5 pieces of mail, or commercials, or flyers, or ads, that stand out for you.

I learned this from Bill Morrison. He wanted a tri-fold brochure for his restaurant, The Jammery (excellent place if you are ever close by). So Bill went to where there were hundreds of brochures on racks and looked at them. He immediately took the first few that jumped out at him. Then he sat back and watched other people walk up and select brochures. He then asked himself why certain brochures stood out. Was it the colour, was it the font, was it the placement on the rack? From that information, he designed his own brochure based on the attributes that he perceived stood out. We want to do that.

[blockquote message=”In marketing you must choose between boredom, shouting and seduction. Which do you want?” author=”Roy H. Williams”]

2) SOLVE PROBLEMS OR TELL STORIES The next thing we want to do is either A) Tell a story or B) spell out a problem to solve. Let’s go back to our realtor…

A) Why did I get into realty? It is a great story. When I was a girl back in Vancouver my parents were having a hard time making ends meet so we had to move to a smaller house. No one was happy about it, but it was what we had to do. So they found a beautiful little place and bought it. I remember the excitement and joy of getting a new room and picking paint colours. That smaller house changed everything. My parents now had more time to spend with me because they were not working all the time and their financial stress disappeared so they were happier. Having the right house for us made everything in our lives better. So that is why I do this now. I find the right houses for my clients and I also save them money…….

Froy Hamstad(photo by Frøy Hamstad

B) Most people do not know the first thing about buying a house and it usually costs them time and money. Here at Remax Realty we know the best way to…….

So with (A) we can see that telling a story draws us in to what we are hearing. It also bypasses our natural resistance to being “sold” because we were raised on stories. It is in our DNA.

In example (B) we are jumping into a statement and demonstrating why the viewer should care about the video they are watching.

3) EXAMPLES. After we have drawn them in and then kept them in, next we want to go into some examples or accomplishments to demonstrate our skill.