Create your own corporate web videos part two – Scripts and Length

You will hear a lot of advice about script lengths. And conflicting advice can be accurate. There is no rule. Basically, a script is as long as it needs to be. That being said most people use 10 words when 3 will do. Be brief. I am bad at this but it is a really good rule to follow.

The way I research when I need to write a script is I find about 10-15 Youtube videos that are like the video I want to create and watch them all with a pen and paper. I will watch, learn, write down what I like and what I do not. I will also write down power words and phrases to get the best words possible.

Remember, we are NOT plagiarizing…we are fishing for triggers and ideas to make our script the best script. Go out of your way to NOT copy even one sentence word for word.  Make it your own.

In addition to watching videos, I also will read the “about” pages of websites that have content that I like. For clients, when we are writing a script for a “welcome to our website video” you can get a really good start just by rewriting the “about us” section into the script. Chances are they put a lot of time and effort into writing that and most of the ideas they want to get across are encapsulated in there. So you can take that, rephrase, polish, and run with it usually with great results.

So back to length. It is a REALLY good idea to keep your video as short as possible. Attention spans are bleak nowadays and you only have seconds…really a few seconds…… to grab their attention.


When I produce videos for clients one of my biggest challenges is convincing them that less is more. Video can be expensive (even though we have reasonably priced videos here at VideoLabOnline 🙂 so most business owners try very hard to cram 50 things into a short video. The do not realize the the content is ALMOST NOT IMPORTANT.

Now you are thinking….”What!!??? The content is not important? you must be insane Ivan” Well, yes I am insane but here me out. People watch videos about your business to get to know you.  They want to trust you. Despite what anyone says, this is the most important thing.

You can shoot a garbage video in bad light on your cell phone…..but if you come across as honest and likable you have won half the battle. Yes you want great content, but being a real, honest person is the most important thing.

I will get into script formula in another post, but I will just touch on it here. Open with a question or a powerful sentence first…then introduce yourself.  Look at these two examples.

A) Hi, I am Ivan Castro
B) Do you want to double your business in the next 30 days?

Which has more impact? I think it is obvious. which leads us to the next important piece of information….Make it about THEM, not you. It is hard to hear for a lot of people but they do not care about YOU….they care about what YOUR COMPANY can do for THEM. They may care about you as a person later…..but ALWAYS make it about them FIRST!

Here are another 2 examples.

A) Google has been in business for over 18 years.
B) By using Google properly, you can increase your profits massively.

See how (B) is way more compelling. No one cares about (A) really. Maybe a slight interest in knowing your business has been around for awhile makes them feel good, but more importantly they want to know what RESULTS they can get by doing business with you. Benefits instead of features. Sell the sizzle, not the steak, as they say.

So make it about them.

Now back to length. Unless you are teaching something, doing a tutorial, or explaining something technical….keep your videos under 90 seconds. If you have more to say after 90 seconds make more videos, not longer ones.  Think about it like this. Watch a bunch of commercials and really pay attention. You will see they are usually ONLY trying to get across one or two ideas….that is it.

Why? because people will only remember one or two things. It is like throwing a handful of spaghetti at the wall. Only a few strands will stick. Apple, Porsche, Sony, Doritos, and Microsoft. They pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to make a Television commercial to try to get one or two points across. You, trying to get your “money’s worth” by cramming 50 things into your video will make it LESS EFFECTIVE. Trust me…or at least trust Apple, Porsche, Sony, Doritos, and Microsoft.

There is a great saying that I heard from the great persuasion and influence coach, Kevin Hogan, “a confused customer does not buy” (I am paraphrasing because it would take me a week to find that quote)

More videos are better for your Google rankings anyway.

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